[SOLVED] [Overpass] Avoiding duplicates with "out center;"?


When going out mapping, I sometimes use “out center;” to export ways, because the smartphone app I use only let me delete waypoints, not ways. I delete each waypoint after I checked it.

Problem is, that command creates duplicates, so I have to go through a click/delete cycle twice for each.

Before I bother writing a script to clean up files before going out, is there a way to prevent OverpassTurbo from creating duplicates in the first place?

Thank you.

Here’s an example:


Can you post your Overpass Turbo query as well? I used “out center” in the past with QGIS and it worked fine.

I’ve experienced this before, so it’s not this query per se:


//some city
map_to_area -> .searchArea;


out center;

How do you convert Overpass output to KML?
I used Overpass Turbo built-in export function and no such thing occured.

I simply choose KML in the Export menu.

I’ve had this issue several times in the past, but only asked today.

Edit: I ran the query, chose GPX as output this time instead of KML, and found no duplicates. So it looks like an issue with export as KML.