[SOLVED] How to select a range in GpsPrune?


I’d like to keep just one part of a long track. It looks like GpsPrune can do this, but I can’t figure it out.

The howto says to…

  1. Click on any point as the start point

  2. Hold the Shift key, and click on any point as the end point

In the right-side, it should say that a range was selected… but I see nothing.

What am I doing wrong? Should I use something else (eg. Gps Track Editor)?

Thank you.

That’s exacly how it works for me. Selecting a point seems to work for you as point details are shown in your screen shot. Try selecting the range the other way round, i. e. first click on your second point and then shift-click on the first one.

Alternatively, you can first select a point and then use the menu ‘Range’ - ‘Set range start’, select another point and go to ‘Range’ - ‘Set range end’

Thanks. Turns out I have to click multiple times on the route to have it selected:

I guess it’s due to the fact that the track is made of 138 segments, each segment containing multiple points.

It’s pretty cumbersome, and I might miss small segments.

I’ll check if GpsTrackEditor is easier to use.

FWIW, I downloaded a much better trace, with only a few segments, and could easily remove some segments using GpsTrackEditor.