SOLVED: How to align map (complicated imagery)


Have a look at this area around the point 3.560071, 103.3776556.

This area has been imaged by Bing recently (thank you!), but the highways are shifted diagonally between the old image and new image. I don’t know where to begin in this case since it is just not a simple alignment from what I can see.

Any help?


It’s tricky - usually you can align imagery based on an average of GPS traces, but there seem to be no GPS traces near there (the nearest I can find are up near the airport at ).

The alignment at isn’t that far off, though, so it wouldn’t be the end of the world to map major roads etc. roughly and then have someone survey it properly on the ground.

Any mapping based purely on aerial imagery is going to be very limited in scope anyway - no street names, no points of interest, etc.

Seems that I found a gps track to confirm loosely what’s on the ground. They actually match pretty closely. Perhaps it’s the border where the imagery merge kinda confused me.