[SOLVED]Feature: edit subject of topic

is there a possibility for a thread-owner to edit the subject of his topic (eg add ‘[solved]’ to a thread)?
I think this is a pretty neat feature, because it also helps other users with similar problems to quickly find answers.

Setup group options and permissions:

Edit subjects interval     Number of seconds after post time that users in this group may edit the subject of topics they've posted. Set to 0 to allow edits indefinitely.


Thanks for your feedback. To my knowledge members already have the possibility to edit their own thread subjects. The current setting is to allow that after 30 seconds. So you should be able to alter the subject if you edit the first post of that thread. Can you verify if that works (it works for me, but I’m the admin :slight_smile: ? Thanks in advance.

sorry for my late reply - have been away for a while
I tried it, but did not find anything.
If you like I’ll send you a screenshot.

Here you go (Look at the red circle) and remember: Only the topic starter can change the topic and to do that you have to edit the first post in the topic.

sure - that’s what I did :slight_smile:
but within the upcomming edit-page I don’t see anything usefull to edit the topic - just my message-box.

Oops, I must make a mental note to read better next time…

When I created the test user yesterday and created a new test topic, the topic was editable. This convinced me that you were the problem until I tried to edit the test topic again today and found out I couldn’t… Looking into it I see why…I was the problem. The setting controls the maximum time in which you can edit the topic, not the minimum time you have to wait before you can edit the topic.

Anyway, it’s now set to 0, giving you infinite time to edit the topic title. I’m sure this solves it for you. Sorry it took so long…

no problem! Thanks for your help.