[SOLVED] Convert polygons into nodes? Query locations from region?


I’d like to query OSM for all the campsites in a given region.

A couple of problems:

  1. Half of them are actually polygons (ie. closed ways) instead of nodes, so they’re hard to see when imported into a Google My Maps layer:

  1. I’d like to only get those located within the administrative boundary of a given region.

What tool do you suggest I use for this, with simple HOWTOs?

Thank you.

Q1: Please see https://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/240268/convert-locations-from-ways-to-nodes. Replace "out body;

;out skel qt;" by “out center;”
Q2: Just use overpass turbo wizard: camp site in “some location

Thanks a lot, problem solved.



out center;