Software to view tracks offline on Desktop PC ?

Any software for PC which can be used to view waypoints in offline mode(no internet connection) and maps can be downloaded separately .For eg I have my track saved in *.gpx format .

Try QmapShack:

This software can load offline maps in Garmin format … and you can download OSM based maps in that format:

You could use JOSM with a local web server.

Actually the documentation says URL, not HTTP scheme URL, so it might even work with file: URLs.

You could also pre-stuff the tile cache.

How to load garmin maps into the qmashack software ?I cannot see any option ?

Another option is Garmin Basecamp. It can load OSM maps in Garmin format.

I did not try that on my own so far … what about a google search for “qmapshack garmin” ?

I have found a software Qlankarte Gt which can loads *.tdb maps. Its working offline.