Software for mobile devices (Windows CE / Linux)


I saw this project, and I think this is a nice database. I’m now wondering, if I could use this database for navigating through the world.

I currently have got a quite old PocketPC with Windows CE 4.2 and just as old Falk 2.0. Do you know good navigation software for this device? It would be nice, of course, if it also provides a “street-add-feature” that I can use to update your database, if I find a “new” street.

I’m also suggesting to buy the openmoko mobile. So it would be nice, if you gave hints for software for this platform, too.

Of course, I’m not fixed to openstreetmap. However, I would prefer OSS software and maps (and therefore, openstreetmap looks quite interesting). And I wouldn’t buy commercial ones.



Please have a look at the OSM wiki !

There you can information about programs runnibg on windows mobile devices at

You can help the OSM community when you tell us your experience with any program that fits to your needs, or when a program does not run or has malfunctions with your hardware.

Hi Stephan,

thanks a lot. I now went through the list at but unfortunately I didn’t find a software fitting my needs.

I could start Gosmore. However,

  • I couldn’t load NW-Germany, it said: “map too big”. So I tried with Belgium…
  • I don’t know, if it didn’t detect my display’s resolution correctly. However, I just have 3 buttons, it asks me some strange questions, but I didn’t make it to calculate a route for me.
  • It crashed multiple times in the few minutes I was testing it.

The other applications seem to be either Linux only or commercial or Java. However, my PDA didn’t want to open a .jar-file. On the homepage of Sun they tell either the OEM should have shipped Java, or I couldn’t have Java. And I didn’t find an alternative JRE for WinCE :frowning:

So, does someone know a JRE for WinCE 4.2? Or are there other applications for WinCE?

And is there experience with Linux / Openmoko? Would I get a good navigation system with the Neo Freerunner?



Have a look at phoneME at

With phoneME Feature I am able to install Java Midlets on my PDA with Windows Mobile 2003. In general you can then install all the midlets listed at

My favourite Midlet could be WeTravel, but there are still some issues with getting the GPS position. But i have means to investigate …

Please tell us your experience about succes or failure with any midlet you tried. Or ask for further help when necessary.