Software Developer Needs Runway Information on open street map

I am developing a flight sim tool quite simllar to little nav map which uses open street map for its mapping engine however it displays runway numbers entry ways to airspace elevation data and length of runway data I need that sort of information in my tool

The image below shows what I need in my travels I have come across about the aeroways tag but not how to implmeent it i am using control in c# to display the open street map provder.

How do I get information such as below into my app.


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Please first acknowledge the Disclaimer, particularly

OSM is openly editable by anyone. This might become a problem if you plan to use your program for pilot training, flight preparation, flight education or the like.

First, I would list all the information the map should display (runway lengths, flight routes, landing zones, etc.). Secondly, I would check if and how this data is stored in OSM (flight routes are not). Some information like runway lengths can be calculated from the positions of the ends of runways. If you mix other data with OSM data, you need to open license the other data as explained in ODbL license. Lastly, you need some rendering tools to display the data as tiles usable for your app.