So what do I have to do to get this enormous tower to finally show up?

So what do I have to do to make this enormous tower
to finally show up on the map? I tried everything in the book.
It still doesn’t show up in any layer.
I suppose enormous towers are not important.

Read the right book:


Please remove the useless man_made_1 and man_made_2.

The source quoted does not have any copyright release for use on OSM and, to the extent that you took the position from the Google Maps image on that page, or the original geocoding was done relative to features on Google Maps imagery, you are directly violating Google Maps terms of service. The most preferred source is what you have seen with your own eyes and your own GPS receiver.

I’m not convinced that “天天廣播電台 FM 96.9” is a name. It looks more like a description based on the station name and frequency, but if it is, the rule is that it should be given as it appears on the ground, which is “FM 96.9 天天廣播電台” The Chinese characters appear to be TianTian (English: sky sky or heaven heaven) Radio Broadcast Station. (tiantian guangbo diantai)

The photographs also indicate that this is a mast, not a tower.

Finally, although, if properly coded, this may show on the standard rendering, things do not have to appear on the standard rendering to be “on the map”, and you should not mis-tag features to make them appear on the standard rendering. The map is the underlying data. The standard rendering is the PNG images you see if you access with default settings.

In that case: