So then there were 2!

So looks like it’s just you and me then Ben!

Where is everybody else? Don’t they need help or desire to communicate with others? Or maybe there is a really active forum somewhere else!

I started a few days ago and have managed to upload traces and make ways however loads of questions and comments but no place to put them!

Hey I’m here to :smiley:
Sorry but I’m verry bad to “type” english but I hope you can understand me.

I am also new here with loot of questions and not any to ask.

Welcome to the group Per - that’s a 50% increase in 1 day if we carry on like that then in a month’s time there will be over 250,000 members!

We might as well act like a forum so let’s go ahead and ask the questions - you never know one of us might know the answer or some others who know might be tempted to join soon.


PS Your English was fine - I understood your email

PSS Ben - do you have a plan to map Northants - I live nearby in NW Beds!

:Oops: tanks but if i say somthing complit wrong tell me. Maybe I can learn somthing.

Two things can make a better using of this site.

  1. More advertising that this forum exist, on the homepage.
  2. Make questions and som gest’s think they have a answer.

Hiya! Only just checked the site…wow…people…

ceemay: Yeah, im trying to do Northants (ive been working at the south of the county)… Ive seen the bedford area, youve done tonnes round there (if thats all your data) My data has been quite scattered round wales, middlesbrough, nofolk and south northants area, but i hope to start doing one area quite intenceley.

I stuck a link to the site from the FAQ wiki…but thats the only advertisement at present. Maybe a link should be attached to all the openstreemap emails…?

I have infinte questions…but ill let you ask away first, but I bet I know very little.

I cannot claim any responsibility for Bedford - apart from perhaps a couple of roads. But I am trying to fill in the gaps between Bedford and Rushden and villages around.

Unfortunately I find on-line editing really slow and tried the off-line editor (Windows version) but I can’t get it to create and name ways - though it looks like it ought to.

I am having trouble editing a way to insert a new node and then create a segment off it etc.

Can’t see how to name villages or provide road numbers either.

I think this project is a great idea but from my perspective it’s let down by poor technology and even poorer support - unless i am missing something. It would be great if these issues were addressed and then more people could participate.


I totally agree with your last statment, I have exactly the same problems as you have just listed…

If we can sort out answers in here, im willing to spend a while drawing diagrams, writing FAQ’S, and Tutorials if nessesery…casue ive been doing this a few months now, and its taken a long time to progress very litlle.

  1. Im not shore how to create names in the offline editor, At present i edit them online, and yes its painfully slow.

  2. To insert a new node: Click on the forth botton down on the left margin in ‘java openstreetmap’. (A dot icon…<i cant attach images in here…!!?>). If you click it on the bottom right section of the button theres a drop down of 2 options. The second one down allows you to click on a segment and insert a node.

  3. Again, im having problems with creating any names in the ‘java openstreemap’.

Once i no how to effect the propeties of a segment, then oefully i can understand how to give segments properties, and create visual differences between roadtypes/tracks etc, and get icons in, cause that baffles me at present.

7 now!

hey man, You the ‘Bruce’ of the openttd wiki?

Ive stuck an additional link in the openstreetmap wiki to here, and requested the link is stuck in the maillist links at the top, so hopefully people will start comming here, and questions can start to be sorted.

I am indeed, quite a coincidence, nice work on this building -

That is very coinsidental indeed. Cheers man (kinda irrelevent to topic!)How do you attach images in here?

You put the URL of image in, select it, and click on Img in the toolbar above the input box. By the looks of things, there is no way to attach images to a post, but the URL of an external image can be added.

Ben - don’t quite understand this! I am using the online editor
the icons (from left to right are)…
hand, dot , backslash, chevron, A, + , X

I cannot click on the bottom right section of the button - what am I missing??


oh right, sorry. thourght you were talking about the ‘offline’ editor.

In the online editor i dont think it is posible to insert a node. I would just create a node (dot) off to one side (somewhere inbetween the two exsisting nodes), then triangulate that off with segments (chevron), then delete (x) the original.

The ‘offline’ editor is a lot easier and faster to use, insearting nodes in there is easy…theres some things im still having problems with, but its definatly more practical than the online editor

“Inserting” a node into a segment with the online editor is possible, however not really easy :wink: (and it’s not really inserting, it’s “faked inserting”, hehe :wink:

  • insert the new node using the normal dot mode
  • choose The “A” mode (property mode) and click the new node. Remember it’s id (from the title bar)
  • click the segment to insert the node into and choose the last tab entry. Then insert the new node as “end” node.
  • Next create a new segment from the new node to the other, remaining node from the original segment.
  • Finally, if you are nice, check for any attributes the first segment had and copy them to the new segment (if appropiate).


Actually, JOSM is doing exactly the same, except it is done in a one-click-sequence :wink:

Ciao, Imi.

Another user here from Portugal.
I’m using JOSM and either GPX tracks grabbed with GPS device or Yahoo! imagery.
I wish the forum had more users.