so a user was banned /deleted w/o notice

solmaps 2 a newly joined member such as myself was banned recently for no notice. this user had made user diaries contribution to encourage and help them map. his changesets were all detailed and concise.

reading that board elections are soon to come up i shall even mix in this blatant censorship event to be highlighted and addressed if possible. will continue to read diaries and blogs on this website and hopefully continue to be active on all the OSM space to make it better. but that could not be the case if censorship strikes without notice and channel to explain… what are fellow OSM thoughts on this matter?

are newly joined members that are learning to place their energies and efforts to this open public space to be simply denied without reason?

concerned OSM member

*i shall post this message on boards that i feel the need to have visibility to raise and possibly escalate this to the right members to find redress for solmaps2 account

solmaps2 changesets

have tried the e-mail returns undelivered and is not valid, any other suggestions forum members?

on this thread,
i have been informed that moderation tools are available on user diaries, if found to be ‘spammy’ to certain moderators they are within their rights to remove replies and comments from these user posted diaries

would any other DWG member be filling in on responses that are in fact directed to be meaningful e.g encouragements, greetings, etc that is concisely translated with software and then posted on other new user diaries as comments be considered as ‘spammy’? hence leading to hiding of posts and eventual unannounced deletion of account?

have sent email to to see any luck of a response