small openstreetmap 3D car simulation using webgl

here you can find my small 3D osm car sim using openstreetmap and webgl
every testing and bugs reports welcomed …


play here =>

Could you plz. add the city of Rostock to the presets? Would love to take a ride trough our town :slight_smile:

Or rather let user enter arbitrary lat-lon coordinates for starting point.

hi !
press shift+G (see help (H key)) to flyto any named location (it will be added as the second entry in the locations combo)

(05/11/2015) autumn trees and snow scenaries added (depends on the latitude, the altitude, and the date)

(17/01/2016) tunnels added (layer<=-1)

(13/03/2016) gran trees added according to ground texture (shadow version) (ex: goto “yellowstone” )

add trees even where nothing has been defined in openstreetmap.

(08/04/2016) seawaves and sailable sailships added

(11/04/2016) cessna c150 added (Q(fly)+V(view) in car mode)

Haha, really funny. My hometown looks like in the future, like in 100 years with skycrapers and big airplanes etc. Very funny. Hope that this never happens!

Bug: When driving backwards, the steering wheel behaves wrong (turns left when driving right and vice versa).