Slow load speed, perhaps because we're using a lot of svg files?

This page on the wiki is loading quite slow:

Could it be because of the large amount of svg files used?

If so, is there a solution? For example, batch converting to png? I wanted to ask here first, before trying something myself :wink:



I think the wiki system converts the files to PNG already like this one I also observed the slow loading speed, but I do not know how to fix that.


Do you think links like “” are pre generated and stored somewhere? Or converted on demand?
I might try to edit our wiki page and replace all svg’s with 80px png file. I see if I can batch edit somehow. If it doesn’t make a difference, I could always revert my wiki edit.

I think the images are pre-generated. The setup is explained at OSM wiki uses Imagick, which is probably not the best choice in terms of rendering speed anymore.

In the case of the street signs, the files are fetched from WM Commons once, because the wiki uses it as one file repository (among its own one). This feature is called “InstantCommons” and it is documented at According to the docs, once, but the HTML of the wiki page rather looks like it needs to access WM Commons’ rendered PNG files at every single request.

It seems that the base html takes 42 seconds to load. The images are loaded fast.
But, when I reload the page (even with client-side caching off), Chrome seems to load the page fast. Is it possible that the server has to construct the page the first from different HTML-blocks and that this construction is slow?

So Escada, you think the images have nothing to do with the load speed? Thanks for having a look.