Slovenska planinska pot

Hi all,

I’ve just finished reordering Slovenska planinska pot relation. I’ve corrected lot of things in order to make it coherent and I’m sure there are many others to do (i.e. tags on ways) but now it should be much better.

If someone could have a look it would be great: four eyes and more are better than two.



I did not check it in detail yet, but others might do so using these starting points:

Thank you.
I’ve lost many of my corrections… I don’t know why JOSM failed uploading corrections.
I’ve to review my work.


Now it seems ok. I’ve inserted also the two ways relations so the path is continous from Ankaran to Maribor.


I have recently refined the part betwen Zgornje jezersko and Češka Koča using a freshly reecorded gps track.

336 revisions and counting: :smiley:

I was always wondering if we should split route or not. However SSP comes with guide and book for stamps - we need all alpine hut, which are main part of SPP (besides blazed paths). I have this on TODO for some time, I have Guide and everything to finish this. I just need to take time for this :slight_smile: