Slovenian topographic maps (even old ones)

Hi all,

I’m looking for online Slovenian topographic maps with OSM compatible license. Croatia provides some resources [1] very useful as WMS layer in JOSM and QGIS.

They would be very useful for recovering old hiking paths and geographical names. Do you know if there is something similar?



For starters, under JOSM in its list of available imagery for Slovenia (Imagery → Imagery preference → scroll down to SI entries) there already is a “GURS DOF050 Ortophoto and DTK” entry, which includes DTK5 and DTK50 subentries. Although somewhat out of date, these can serve as a good source of locality names (ledinska imena - place=locality), stream/river names, or provide some rough guidelines on missing tracks (although these are often not accurate or not necessarily still in use).

How about
They have Habsburg military surverys e.g.
I’m not sure about licences.

Računalniški muzej (Computer history museum) obtained Temeljni topografski načrt (TTN) from GURS before it was abandoned by GURS and it is now published by layers on

Current official data is generally available for free, generally with CC-BY 4.0 license, downloadable at but it sadly still requires registration.
See and

Some services are available on

Some layers are also readily available in OSM editors via: (for JOSM editor)
and (general)