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Until Sketchup becomes open source, I will always note that there is Blender a free and open source 3D platform. It supports 3D modeling and rendering as well as many advanced features like animation, simulation, compositing, motion tracking, video editing and game creation.

I’ve been developing an OpenStreetMap importer for Blender: There is a forum thread for it.

The scene on the snapshot below contains more than 100.000 buildings. Not sure if Sketchup can handle that.

Hi vvoovv,
Your Blender project looks cool - I am sure it will serve the Blender community well. I am a long time member of the SketchUp community (and developer of PlaceMaker) and the vast majority of SketchUp users have little to no interest in learning Blender so it is much more exciting for the SU community to have an OSM importer integrated directly into their favorite app :slight_smile:

As I am a recent member to the OSM community and a new member in this forum, I just want to say how thankful I am to all of the OSM contributors and developers. I have only recently discovered how easy and fun it is to be a fellow OSM data contributor and I am looking forward to being an active contributor from now on.

Also, I am planning to develop some integrations between SketchUp and OSM to make it easier for SU users to contribute their geo-located building models into the OSM database. As a starting point to this endeavor, PlaceMaker will have a button to launch the ID OSM editor so that the SU community can now discover how fun and easy it is to be an OSM contributor!



Welcome on board!

I started with Sketchup and wrote a 2D only OSM importer for Sketchup back in 2011 And then I switched to Blender. And there is no way back :slight_smile:

I hope we can bring some Skechup users to OSM and to mapping 3D features in particular.

I’d like to ask you whenever you place a screenshot or video based on OSM to clearly indicate that they are based on OpenStreetMap. It is also the requirement of the OSM license.

That’s interesting! I didn’t realize that you were the one who made the the original SU OSM importer.

I did credit OSM with the data import in my video but perhaps my colleague didn’t in his video. I will review the license terms again and make sure we both give proper credit in the future.


how to import 3D Model from openstreetmaps to Sketchup?