Size of planet file imported to a db + NameFinder index table


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Is there an estimate on the size of the OSM planet file data imported to postGIS + the size of the index table used in search?


I haven’t used them myself. But here is my estimates from doing my own implementations.

The name finder index should be about a gig or two, the import seems to require using an uncompressed planet.osm so add ~90GB(!?) during import, I would ask David Earl.

The postgis data imported by osm2pgsql is about 7GB. If you are using slim-mode in osm2pgsql you will also need around 20GB. These are numbers for 2008, things have gotten bigger since then, not much though.

I believe the uncompressed planet dump is already >100GB. Loading it into a DB gives variable sizes depending on db type, db schema, indexes etc.


@ emj
Can you please explain how do you estimate that the name finder index should be 1-2 GB?


Sure, I would have done so in the first but I didn’t have the file at hand.

I did a dump of all names+ids and that is about 900MB, I dump lots of more than what you really need so names+coords should be under 900MB in UTF-8 text CSV file. Adding an Index to that makes it about 1-2 gig in total…

In the end I just search the whole file every time, I do it in ~2sec on a slow computer.