Single-member POI relations


I recently observe more and more single-member relations which make absolutely no sense in tagging.
They all seem to have in common that it’s iD creating them. I never got a response from the mappers on why they created it like this.
So I have to assume it is a bug in the software to either create it automatically or make it quite easy for the user to accidentally create one.


Shall we systematically search for those to closer inspect the edits and fix them? As another thing in common is that these tend to be inexperienced mappers it is likely that other tagging needs to be fixed as well.

I would say Yes … I routinely delete any nodes I find with no tags or relations, as well as duplicate nodes.
It’s good housekeeping.

It appears the OSM’s policy of allowing anybody to make any sort of edit is beginning to cause problems of the same sort as Wikipedia experienced a few years ago. Wikipedia changed its policy and made it much harder to edit an article. IMO they went overboard but at least they are able to quality control the data that way.

Newer free-form editors like and even iD are also generating flakey data. It’s only gonna get worse as more and more people climb on board.

I agree with Russ. I remove or change obvious mapping errors as I go. I haven’t encountered any of these crazy relations yet, nor have I come across any weird edits by Balthis*MC, but I’ll post to the list if I have any questions or further discussion points.

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