Simplification of EuroVelo routes in Norway

I would like to simplify the way we map EuroVelo biking routes in Norway.

Background: The EuroVelo routes are based on the national biking routes, which are also mapped in OSM. This has the implication that there are two route relations describing the same route in OSM - one EuroVelo relation and one national route relation - often with just small and random variations. The fact that we have these parallel routes involves an extra burden when updating streets, and it has already caused many errors. Both the EuroVelo and the national route relations have many errors and omissions in general, so it would be good to simplify if possible.

An extra pieces of information is that the national biking routes are signed, but EuroVelo has no signs in Norway.

My proposition is that we maintain only the national biking routes in Norway, and that we include these relations as members of the EuroVelo route relations, instead of including all the individual way segments as members of those relations. In this way, we will only maintain one set of route relations. The EuroVelo routes will continue to be visible for Norway.

If a EuroVelo route has no corresponding national biking route, then we keep that route relation as is, of course. EV7 is one example, I think.

Here are the current routes: Cycling Waymarked Trails.

Here is the description of the national biking routes from Statens Vegvesen, which also describes where the EuroVelo routes overlap the national routes.

If there is no dispute, I will implement this in a few weeks.

(I am writing this in English to be able to reference this discussion later in changesets etc).

Sounds like a good idea.

This modification has been implemented today.