Dear all,

recently I started working on a wiki page for S3DB. In my opinion the current S3DB page doesn’t contain a lot of information, so it’s a bit unclear what S3DB actually means.

The intention was to create a kind of specification, which can be used a guidelines for implementors and mappers. Also, existing tools could be checked and compared against the requirements, in order to state that e.g. tool xyz is 80% compliant to the specification.
There are still many aspects, which are differntly handled by the renderers, esp. regarding the exact roof shapes and support of building relations. This should be clarified and further specified in detail imho.
I also tried to introduce the LOD concept, since it is commonly used in 3D city modelling to better communicate the characteristics of a specific data set.
Furthermore, I tried to use normative language where possible (shall instead of must etc.).
Having a single page could simplify the communication with non-OSM experts, which may find collecting relevant information from the wiki difficult.
Since the existing page is already linked with a lot other pages, I didn’t want to start editing it extensively, but eventually it could be replaced.

What do you think? Does this make sense?