Simple Printable Street Maps

Hi, I am new to OSM, and I need to generate printable street maps for our volunteers to drive through an area to pickup donations for our donation drive. Can someone give me pointers on what to do?

Ideally I would like to print:

  • simple street maps, black and white only
  • ALL street names showing, small fonts OK
  • be able to show about 2x2.75 miles on an 8.5x11" paper
  • be able mark up and add texts, lines and boundaries in color (optional, but the ones above are more critical)

I tried using the B&W feature, but the street names do not appear at this scale… help!

Thanks in advance for your input!


welcome to the wonderful world of OSMing :slight_smile:

Please, have a look at OSM wiki page OSM on Paper.

I checked a couple of the sites listed on that page. I’m not sure if any of those converter sites are capable to show ALL street names, since you’d like to get a map covering that a large area. Walking Papers gives an error message “A zoom level 14 or more is recommended for street-level mapping”. With your parametres the zoom level is only 13 and then only street names of secondary, primary and trunk roads are shown.