simple POI upload example

Hi all,
I have a small database with some hundreds POI that I collected some time ago for fun not knowing about OSM.
So I dont have a special data format. Just lat, lon, timestamp and POI-Type.
Can anyone give me a simple upload example for that kind of data ?
I guess I have to use /api/v0.6/… but I dont really get it.
So: anyone a simple example ?
thanks in advance

The main problem seems to me that some of the POI you collected may already be in the OSM database, while others are not. If you simply upload all your data, this will probably create some duplicates in the OSM database. One needs to check which POI are already in the database, and which are not. The Wiki might have some information on how to handle such data imports properly:

Thanks a lot. Interesting read. I will keep that in mind.
But still :slight_smile:
A simple example ?

I’m afraid there is no simple example, because 1. bulk imports are not as simple as one might think (as I explained above) and 2. the code depends on the initial data format (in your case, a list with coordinates and POI types). These first need to be converted into an OSM compatible format. For example, you could convert your data to GPX (perhaps GPSBabel can help you) and open the resulting GPX file in JOSM. You will then see a waypoint for each POI you collected. Finally, you can download the OSM data for the necessary regions, check which POI are already present, add those which are still missing to the downloaded OSM map and upload the result.

You could also try to write your own converter which takes as input your collected POI data and converts it to OSM XML code, depending on the POI type. For example, a restaurant would be a node with tag amenity=restaurant.