Simple downloading

I’ve spent some time uploading a database of mine to OSM. It included peak data (lat/long, name, elevation) as well as cycling routes.

What I’d like to do now is download the data I uploaded to OSM so I can have it on my GPS receiver for when I cycle. All I want are the routes and the peak names (ie no roads, basemap, etc) so I can superimpose them on the topo map I already have on my GPSr.

Is there an easy way to do this or can someone point me in the right direction? Everything I looked into seemed much too complex for me!

Did you collect those routes by yourself?
If you did then its ok, if not you will have to check to see if the license is compatible with OSMs license.

It looks to me like you have uploaded your GPX files (from the GPS) directly into the OSM database. This has resulted in numerous untidy spider web sections drawn on the map where you have paused in your journeys.

Below is a quote from this page ( ) suggesting how to use GPS traces.

As you can see GPS traces are meant to be used as an aid to creating ways on the map, not uploaded directly to the database. I see you have put a lot of time and effort into this so please don’t be offended, but IMHO your directly uploaded traces ought to be removed.

To answer your question about compiling an overlay from your GPS tracks you were thinking on the right lines. The GPX files can be opened in JOSM (either on a background of downloaded data) or on just as bare tracks. This compiled data (all your GPS tracks) can then be edited and saved on your computer as a GPX file without uploading it. You can then use this file as you wish.

Regards Bernard

Hi Bernard,

Thanks for the suggestions - the routes are indeed works in progress. Some of the tracks may appear “messy” but the bends are required to circumnavigate cliffs bands, etc. in our horribly unpredictable Rocky Mountains. I’m working on making them pretty… it will just take some time!

And thanks - I didn’t think about doing all of the compiling in JOSM.