I’m trying to add a sign as a point that shows the name of the park that it is on. It’s not a traffic sign, road sign, destination sign, nor advertising sign. It is just simply a sign with the park’s name on a corner of the park near the street that it’s on. I can’t seem to find anything in the wiki for simple signs like this.

I suppose I could use Man Made, but I’d prefer something more specific than that.

You can tag the whole park with the appropriate name. Why would you want to tag the location of the name sign?

In a lot of parks this sign is also a map or a board, so it shouldl be tagged
tourism=imformation + information=board (or map) + name=Park

The “sign” case is not defined yet, but something like
tourism=imformation + information=sign + name=Park
maybe it’s useful.


That’s perfect!