Signatures plugin?

Apparently there’s an official Discourse Signatures plugin Many forums have this feature. This allows users to always add small text to the bottom of their posts. This can be useful for people like me in “official capacities” (as an OSMF Board member to state it’s only personal opinions), it can include details on the best way to reach the person, or include things someone needs to always know (like pronouns!), or links to this person elsewhere on the web (e.g. their OSM account). It also allows users to add inspirational quotes, or similar. This makes posts more personal, reminding other users that there is a human behind the keyboard. This encourages a personal, friendly space.

Can we consider adding functionality like this?

Here’s a little poll to add this

  • Yes, add that (or similar) plugin
  • Not yet, I want this discussed more
  • No, don’t add that plugin
  • Abstain / I don’t Care

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I voted no because:

  • it clutters topics/post reading, Discourse have a clean UI, let’s keep it that way
  • we should always consider a post as a private opinion, unless it is clearly mentionned to be a group/entity official position (no disclaimer needed)
  • you can click on someone’s avatar to get more details (fill your profile !)

Click a second time and you’ll get more details…


I fully support @cquest here, also we can use badges and titles (that display next to your name) to identify official OSMF groups, like board members.

The profile is in my opinion the best place to describe yourself and any additional information. Pronouns can be added at the end of your display name or under your profile too.


I am sorry but I also voted no in this case. These signatures are available in the old forum and most of the time they contain nothing but some kind of a wise phrase or joke or the like and in my opinion that does not add value to the content of any post … :sunglasses:


:sob: the people have spoken out against early aughts internet culture. :wink: