Signalling in Sweden on OpenRailwayMap


Looking at the map style “signalling” on OpenRailwayMap, all railway sare marked as “no information available”, except for Bottniabanan and Västerdalsbanan which is tagged railway:etcs=2 or 3. However, most of swedish railways have ATC (automatic train control), since the 1980’s and are also tagged railway:atc=yes., and the others have railway:atc=no. There is nothing “unknown” about these train protection systems.

This is also, as I understand, tagged in the same way as german


…and others.

I guess it wouldn’t be TOO much work to add a legend for swedish ATC (and norwegian, which is identcal). Just look for the tag “railway:atc=yes” and give it a nice colour.

Hi, if I understand correctly, this is not a problem that the German community can help you with, but rather a specific problem with the rendering of the OpenRailwayMap.
I suggest that you contact the creator of the OpenRailwayMap directly, either by mail ( or by contacting @Nakaner (the maintainer) directly.

Yes, I tried mailing, but have received no answer.
I also applied for access to the mailing list January 2023 - Openrailwaymap - with no success.

So now I tried writing here instead, even if this is not a specific german problem. But openrailwaymap seem be of german origin, so I tried posting here anyway. Here, at least, I received SOME answer. That is 100000% better than the response in other forums :slight_smile: