Showing more then 1 OSM map in Mapsource

I don’t manage to get the choice of the cycle map AND the normal map from NL in my Mapsource. It only gives the choice between OSM and trip manager. Is this fundamentally impossible or is there a trick to get more then 1 OSM map in the selection panel of Mapsource.

PS: uploading of more then 1 map to the Garmin with Sendmap2.0 is no problem.

You have to “compile” a new IMG-File for your garmin with tiles from both sources. In MapSource switch to “OSM cycle map” and mark all tiles you want to have in you new map. Then switch to “the normal map from NL” and also mark all needed tiles. Now check your selection on the Map-Tab and send it to your SD-Card.
There are ways / programs to build a IMG-File without MapSource but I’ve never used it.

I guess it has something to do with both the normal and cyclemap having some sort of identical id. Haven’t looked at it for a while…but should, I know.

Yeah, you simply need to assign a different Map ID to each map. You best do this directly when compiling with mkgmap. Otherwise do it later with Mapset Toolkit. I have around 10 different OSM mapsets in Mapsource, but you could have many more. You can even put tiles from different maps into one mapset.

Thanks all,

It does work. The issue with the cycle map and the normal map NL is probably that they have the same ID (42). I was able to get a “home made” map in MapSource, as a separate map. Again thanks, worked all