Showing a plane crash sit on OSM

I’ve recently started contributing to OSM and the other day I was on one of the moors near where I live. On this moor there are the wreckages of a few planes that have crashed over the year and I have recorded the position of these and was wondering if there was an appropriate tag to mark these on OSM with. Anybody know if there is?


Not come across one for many years, but do remember them as quite common. There are a couple of forums which are dedicated to collecting info on such things.

I cant directly find anything on OSM, but the tag historic=wreck used for shipwrecks seems a good place to start. It has over a 1000 values:

So I’d suggest something like historic=aircraft_wreck.

In general these should be only used when some evidence on the ground remains fo the wreckage. For large scale aircraft disasters there will usually be a memorial which should be mapped in lieu of the actual site of the crash. (e.g., Mull of Kintyre helicopter crash,

Thanks, think I’ll probably use that tag unless there’s anything else already in use that’s better.

Yes there’s lots of evidence of the wreckages left. Not what I’ve done most recently, but if you’re interested here is a walk I did in that area where I visited a few,