Show roads only

Is it possible to show just the bare road network of a specific area, without the fancy colours and the street names? I would only like to see the lines representing roads that the system uses to create the map, without any further layout. And if this is possible, is it possible to export this network to a vector graphic file format?

Osmarender and Kosmos can both be quickly modified to render only the roads, with no names. Osmarender in firefox actually doesn’t render the names anyway, but I assume not seeing it, doesn’t mean the data’s excluded. (beyond me).

You can make svg files with osmarender anyway, which works in vector graphics programs such as Illustrator.

You could also export only ways with the tag highway=* from the OSM XAPI and load the .osm file in the JOSM editor. The editor can then show a wireview without colors and streetnames.

Changing osmarender is pretty easy