show different GPS coordinates marker in one map

I’m writing my Diploma Thesis right now. Therefor I need a map of Northern Borneo, where I have to mark all the spots, where I did my research. I really like the style of the opencyclemap.
But after all my research, I didn’t figure out a way to get more than one marker into my map, even placing the marker is kinda difficult, cause openstreetmap doesn’t seem to understand my GPS coordinates.
My Data looks like this:

N6 2.393
E116 34.607

N5 47.856
E116 24.419

N6 00.856
E116 01.228

Can anybody help me with this task, or even tell me a manual, where it si explained?
My questions are:

How can I make opencyclemap to show me the position of my coordinates, just pasting it in the search box doesn’t work
How can I permanently mark these spots, to build a map of this area. But this map is just for me, it is of no public interest to see these points in a map.