Shouldn't have deleted sidewalks

So I thought it would be a good idea to clean up the map from separately mapped sidewalks because of their seemingly redundant nature with the roads’ sidewalk tags. I just realized though, that it would have been better to just improve the existing sidewalk network, as adding new sidewalks and connecting unconnected ones. Can I revert my changes? I haven’t gone too crazy (I’ve only messed up about a square mile or two) but I still feel bad about.

Edit: actually you’ve convinced me that we dont need separate sidewalks

Apparently, freebeer is already on to this.

@belmemes: If you like to undo changes it’s a good idea to stop doing anything else in that area. Makes it a lot easier to revert.

Although you shouldn’t unmap things that are accurately mapped, I think it is generally considered that sidewalks should only be explicitly mapped when there is a real physical separation from the carriageway. When you map them separately, you have to add arbitrary interconnections, and the result can get ugly, especially at a transition from sidewalk=yes to sidewalk=separate.


Considering the Wiki it is better to use ‘sidewalk=left/right/both’.