Should I upload my recent edits

Please excuse a newby question, but I am new to this!

I have made some edits to the OSM data around Cambridge in the UK to the Park & Ride sites in order to get them to work as P&R sites in Open Trip Planner.

I made these edits using JOSM.

My question is should I post these edits back up the wire? Can I post them for review first? Or should I just keep them to myself?!


Newbie questions are very much welcomed!

It probably depends on what changes you had to makde to get them to work. If you had to “make them appear as something that they aren’t really” to work in Open Trip Planner, then no, it wouldn’t make sense to upload to OSM. I do this all the time when I’m e.g. creating a map for use on a Garmin handheld or on the web, but I wouldn’t upload those changes to OSM.

However if you’re correcting something in OSM that’s actually wrong, then please do upload it. Also, please don’t worry about making mistakes - it’s really easy to undo any changes (it is always possible to just “create a new version of the thing”).

There are a quite a few people OSMers in the UK fairly familiar with Cambridge, so if you want to describe what you want to change here, then that would work too.

I presume some of the changes may reflect what is n the OTP wiki:

If these are additional tags I would be surprised if this caused any problems. I’d be more hesitant if you are changing existing tagging.

The other question is how you obtained the data. E.g. a council leaflet on Park and Ride sites might not be acceptable, unless it is clearly released under something like the Open Government Licences, although you could use it as a hint to actually visit the sites yourself and use your survey for mapping.

@hadw: the Cambridge P&R’s are already mapped in quite considerable detail. What they lack as far as I can see is any formal (tagged) indication that these are P&R car parks.

Other tags which might be considered are something about APNR surveillance. When I parked at Madingley Road recently, you enter part of your licence number in the ticket machine & it shows you a picture of the car entering the car park. Relatively new to me, but I dont park in large car parks in cities very much.