Should I add minor hiking signs?

We have here in Switzerland two main types of hiking signs on a metallic pole.

Some are minor signs with just information about the turns, and the other have more information.

Is it worth to add both, or should I map only the second type?

The first type can be tagged as information=route_marker
I do so.


These intermediate markers just show the guidepost2guidepost route. Switzerland has these post2post routes all mapped as relations, right? Then I wouldn’t bother to map the individual route signs.
I wonder, do the guideposts in Switzerland have names, codes or numbers? I would like to see a picture of the whole post.

I see different routing systems: the lower hands indicate theme routes; I see pointers to local targets (places with funiculars); and I think there are destinations such as villages or cities?

PS This picture, cut out from a hiking site, shows the top of a named guidepost, and the upper hand points to adjacent named guidepost (and one further). I guess the adjacent named guidepost points back at this one.