Shortest versus fastest distance

I am an user of’s API. I am interested in the shortest distance and the corresponding time between two points.

However, it seems like the the shortest route in is always faster than the fastest route. For instance:

The route (motorcar) from Amsterdam to Rotterdam:

Option: Fastest
0) length = 76.07 km, traveltime = 3602 sec, nodes = 789
Distance = 76.07 km
Traveltime = 3602 sec
OSM nodes = 789

Option: Shortest
0) length = 66.78 km, traveltime = 2179 sec, nodes = 1442
Distance = 66.78 km
Traveltime = 2179 sec
OSM nodes = 1442

How is it possible that the shortest route (2179sec) is faster than the fastest route? (3602 sec)?

First: are you aware that the database for is from September 2014 with NO updates so far??
Or do you have an own instance / server with recent map data for routing?

I cannot answer the core question, but what is the result of shortest / fastest routing when you try other OSM based routing services or APIs listed on ?