Shorter Wiki URLs

Currently, OSM wiki URLs are quite long by default. However, there are two ways of shortening them: Replacing the domain with, and leaving out the “wiki/” before the article name. So for example can become

It is clear that we are using as our primary domain, so the would only be used in case of space constraints, e.g. on Twitter. But what I don’t understand is why the “wiki/” is in the URLs at all. It doesn’t seem to serve any useful purpose as the wiki already has its own subdomain.

So, what I’d like to discuss here: Do you agree that using URLs like would be better than the current wiki URLs? And what are the technical problems, if any, preventing us from implementing this?

Same for me here. Never really understood why 2x Wiki is necessary, but accepted it anyway.

I’ve asked for this configuration change on the “Talk:Wiki” page now: