Shops selling coffee pods/capsules

How to map a place that sells coffee pods/capsules? Now many of them are tagged as shop=coffee, but the wiki says “Shop focused on selling different kinds of coffee (coffee beans and coffee powder).” And pods are neither cofee beans or powder.

What’s the most common term in english, pods or capsules? A possible value could be shop=coffee_pod or shop=coffee_capsule


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They all scream Cialde on the facade, the ones I’ve been in like 101Caffe (from France) sell more than just pods(capsules), to begin with most all have cialde(ground coffee in pressed paper filter pads), many sell (house) brand roasted beans, ground coffee, machines, even tea so if I do one I’ll give it a KISS , shop=coffee.

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Coffee pods are also a kind of coffee, so I wouldn’t create a new tag value for them


How can someone know if a shop=coffee doesn’t have pods, have both pods and beans/powder or they have pods only? Imagine someone going in a place looking for beans/powder and finding only pods or viceversa, looking for pods but finding only beans/powder.

I think our aim in OSM is to describe an enormous variety of shops found worldwide with a reasonable (limited) number of categories. It is certainly not our aim to describe every single item a shop is selling so a map user is never disappointed in finding something at that shop. Imagine someone going to a supermarket to buy coffee pods and find out they only have powder and beans. Should we then tag this supermarket as shop=supermarket + coffee_pod=no (+ a tag for all the other things you might expect in a supermarket but they don’t have)?

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This is an hyperbole, everyone expects to find or not find various kind of items in supermarkets and convenience shops, which are generic shops. We are speaking of a specialized shop here.

If you don’t feel like a new tag is needed, we should at least change the Wiki to include pods in the description of the tag.


I just added it.

You can always add new tags that further describe the type of coffee/tea/hats/whatever if you feel it’s needed.

coffee:capsules=yes¹, coffee:raw=yes, tea:darjeeling=no… I don’t think anyone would mind.

[1] I chose “capsules”, because we already have recycling:coffee_capsules, so apparently that’s the right term? Just guessing, not a native speaker.


I think “capsules” refers to the outer packaging of the coffee pod, i.e the part that you recycle, hence the recycling: key. (Once again, I’m just guessing)

My guess would be “pads” / “pods” is what Senseo uses and capsules are what Nespresso and the likes use? At least the Wikipedia images hint this logic.

I’ve taken a look and I think you’re right - pods are the standard format, and capsules use machine-specific packaging (originally only from Nespresso).

I like the general idea but suggest a variation.

coffee:packaged=capsule; instant

note that another possibility is amending wiki, especially given “many of them are tagged as shop=coffee”

(not saying that it is the optimal solution, maybe shop=coffee_pods or similar is better, but that is also an option, wiki should not be treated as a sacred word from all-knowing God)

& wouldn’t we then have to also specify that you can get This Brand pods / capsules, as well as That Brand, & Some Other Brand, but the shop doesn’t carry Those Brands? :crazy_face:

& wouldn’t we then have to also specify that you can get This Brand pods / capsules, as well as That Brand, & Some Other Brand, but the shop doesn’t carry Those Brands?

while brands may also be interesting for some people, the distinction that is also relevant is the kind of system (because there are products compatible with brand x which are not produced or endorsed by brand x and it would be wrong to add brand x)

Maybe use type: