Shop that sells bicycles and local products

I want to label a store that sells bikes and local products/tourism stuff. What is the best way to do this?
My idea was something like shop=bicycle;x. Unfortunately I didn’t find anything suitable for x in the wiki. Maybe “gift”?

The store is named “Spot ebikes & more” but has only a handful of bikes in front of the door.


It’s probably best to decide if it is one or the other, and gift sounds suitable for specialist local products which will be bought by tourists. I would avoid shop=general as it does not convey any more information than shop=yes (although it might suggest that this actual observation, but a survey=* tag is better). There are tags for things a shop sells which can be added if you choose one or the other. Also shop=gift;bicycle is also fine although relatively few data consumers work with such tags (even though a simple pragmatic approach would be to take the first tag before the semi-colon if nothing else).

Don’t use semicolon in values for shop, it won’t work. No one will find what they’re looking for.

For now, we have no solution in OSM in cases where shop sells A and B. You should decide whether it’s more a bicycle shop or a gift shop and add description=* tag, describing what the shop sells.

@maro21: that’s not entirely true, I’ve processed semi-colon separated shop values entirely satisfactorily & I think anyone doing something retail specific will do so. It is true that editors offer little or no support (iD explicitly will not add semi-colon separated values even though there is a chain of shops in the UK which can only successfully be described in that way), and the main rendering tools don’t either. But deliberately avoiding using them because nothing reads them is a self-perpetuating approach.

Many years ago I used to visit a shop which sold both houses & paraphanelaia for war-gaming: model soldiers, model ships and rule books. Clearly these are two completely different retail categories and a semi-colon approach would have been appropriate in this case. This is particularly important for rare classes of shops which, like war-gaming, cater for specialist interests. These values can always be found by wild-card searches using overpass.