Shooting range register

Hello, I’m new to OSM and asking for help. I had in mind a website where everyone can search for their nearest shooting range. For instance one can filter by country, counties and so forth until you get close enough, with an interactive map showing the alternatives. Maybe there could even be links to the correct clubs homepage, information on opening hours etc.

I’ve tried to lay a foundation by collecting information about many shooting ranges in Norway, see Shooting ranges in Norway. Can the data be used through OSM for something like what I had in mind?

Is there any way to ID each shooting range so that they can be connected to for instance Wikipedia articles? Wikipedia Shooting Range Template (Norwegian)

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If my information is not wrong you CANNOT import information from Wikipedia in an easy way due to licence imcompatibility.

When you have OWN information about position and name of each shooting range in Norway, you can verify whether each one is already in OSM or not.

If not yet in OSM, you can add data to the OSM main database via one of the popular OSM editors, including club websitem address, opening-hours etc.

After that, you can do some filtering from raw OSM data (offline via data download or online via or similar) to get a collection of relevant POIs in Norway.

Finally you can display POIs liek shooting ranges or other as special markers via a web map framework like OpenLayers or LeafletJS.

Are you sure the list can not be imported as whole in an easy way, for instance if the information is tagged by something like note=* or fixme=* ? It would provide a good base for creating own OSM information on shooting ranges.

You can do imports for a bunch of POIs … but this has to fit in the guidelines for imports according to the OSM wiki,


So it is better to do a detailed communication and test cases before.

Nobody prohibits you from creating a website with OSM as base layer and your own layers on top. You could do something like that with e.g. umap, or when you are willing to program OpenLayers or Leaflet. It’s then up to you to use copyrighted material in those additional layers or not.

Thanks for the replies. I want the information to be free and accessible for everyone, so it would be nice to have it in OSM. Seems like the import would take some time and knowhow, maybe a community effort based around the Wikipedia register could be possible? OSM seems to have approximately 100 ranges listed in Norway right now, while the wiki-list consists of over 1500.

I’ve got little programming skills at this point (maybe more in the future), but unless OpenLayers/ Leaflet is pretty straight forward I was hoping to get onboard someone with a little skills to get it running.