Shipping Lanes

I’ve noticed that in the OSM base layer there are shipping lanes leading to/from major seaports. I’m interested in downloading the data for these shipping lanes via the overpass API.

Here’s an example of the shipping lanes I’m talking about: suggests shipping lanes are marked with seamark:type=separation_boundary, seamark:type=separation_zone and seamark:type=separation_lane.

I used the following query to overpass*[bbox=-180,-90,180,90][seamark:type=separation_lane] 

, as well as queries for separation_boundary and separation_zone. However, the data returned does not correspond to the shipping lane data I see in the OSM base layer.

I have also read through much of the information on to no avail. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

It looks like this mapping is not in widespread usage:

Check overpass turbo: (again, please try to avoid XAPI, it’s outdated)

Also, try the “?” (question mark symbol) on to inspect the actual data at a location, or use your favorite OSM editor (iD, JOSM, Potlatch) to inspect the respective data.

Thank you. Using the query tool on, I was able to determine that they are ferry routes and not shipping lanes as I had supposed.