Shared ID / ID change

Hello everyone. I helped create an OSM editing group in Braga (Portugal) mostly dedicated to bicycle mapping. An edition one of the members made was to create the parish (freguesia) of São Victor, one of the most important in Braga. I don’t know how he actually did it but the resulting ID only had 6 digits. Therefore, when we searched for it a shared ID appeared (apparently the 6 digits ID was shared by an Amsterdam neighborhood). The mapper ended up creating a new relation, but the problem still stands: how was a 6 digits ID created?; can an ID be changed?

Take care everyone.

could you please mention the relevant ids? Ids really should not be shared…and, I strongly guess, are not. Maybe you are confusing different object types - all have separeate id ranges.

see for some details.

Nodes, ways and relations have own ID number spaces, but each ID is unique.