Seznam2: Unreported Bot

I’ve stumbled upon the account Seznam2, which has done 3.206 edits since 13 July 2017 (this is more than 200 per day!).
He has received a personal message from me, but not yet replied. So I’m reporting here.

The changeset comment is always create changeset, Seznam2 uses
( v. 1).

The bots edits administrative relations, but I’m not sure, what exactly is changed.

May you please stop him, that he explains, which goal the whole thing has?

Looking at it’s recent changesets, it seems to be adding population tags.
The user seems to not understand, as “Seznam” has an active block, for exactly the same thing.

It seems the active block expired. I think both accounts should receive a new active block.

Bot has morphed to a new user:

For info, and .