Setting up a Nominatim server, any interest in using it?

So I have this server, a legitimate server, the rack mount kind, and I am probably dedicating it to Nominatim for the whole planet file. It’s something that not many people do, usually they pay MapQuest for their Nominatim API, or they just use the official Nominatim server. But I need a lot more than 1 request/sec, so I am setting up my own.

Is anyone out there willing to pay (per request) to use this server to query Nominatim? I’m looking to cover the cost of purchasing and running the server, so it would be cheaper than MapQuest’s pricing (I’m thinking around $0.001/request). It would take me fulfilling about 75,000 requests/month to breakeven at that price, and I figure if someone needs anywhere near that many requests/month they’ll set up their own server as I am doing.