Set up own OSM server + Overpass

Hello everyone,

We build an application which will help to enchance OSM stops with GTFS data.
The application is dedicated for blind to improves the mobile navigation precision.

We want to test OSM imports so we need a test server.

Are there any public test servers allowing to:

  • make imports with direct API calls or by
  • run overpass search queries?

It would be perfect if it will be a docker file with the possibility of choosing specific area e.g. 100 x 100 km.
Alternatively it could be a public test server.

More about the project:

Aside from any technical questions, you’ll need to follow the procedure as set out at before doing this.

However, if the data that you’re planning to use is appropriately licensed and accurate (which of course you’ll have to demonstrate prior to any import), I’d be surprised if there were significant objections.

Short answer is: no
See for more details.

BTW: the import guidelines are not relevant (yet), this is about a test instance.

Yes, but it would probably be a good idea to determine if the project would actually be able to go ahead based on the legal and procedural details before spending time on the technical details.

I follow it. I’ve linked the Wiki page in my post and and I’ve sent a project description on

How hard is to build own dev server?