Set a non existing t and the value of a variable in mkgmap ??


two basically question in rendering maps with mkgmap and using own styles:

  1. How can I set a non existing tag to the value of a variable?

Example: place=* & ( name!=* ) {set name=variable_name} # Code in ‘polygons’ file

  1. Is it posible to set the ‘variable_name’ in other style files (like pois, lines ore relations)?

I hope anybody can help me.

Best regards

I’m not sure what you mean by variable name.
You can set a non existing tag by {add key=value} in point, lines or polygon files. You can also use {set key=value2} if key=value exists.
See for more info

‘variable_name’ is simply the name of the variable.

Once again:
Is it possible to replace the value of an existing tag with the value of a variable named ‘variable_name’?


This is very confusing, are you looking for an existing or non existing tag?
Can you give an example what you want?