server specs for tile server

I’ve been asked to setup tile server and need to propose a server for the setup. We are planning to pre render the whole of North America so I guess I’ll have to setup tirex as well.

I have few questions regarding the proposed setup

  1. Is 64 GB RAM enough for the GIS database and tirex-batch. The tiles and GIS database will be updated on a daily basis.
  2. Is 12 CPU cores enough ?
  3. I plan to install the GIS postgresql database on SSD drive. Is 1 TB SSD enough for the GIS database ? Will it be sufficient for atleast 5 years ?
  4. What types of disk should be used for storing the tiles ? SSD or SAS or SATA ? The pre rendered tiles of North America will be updated on a daily basis.
  5. Which file system and RAID level is recommended for tile server ?

I don’t have the experience to cover most of the questions, but whether you use disk or SSD will depend on how many hits you get a second, at peak times, and how many of them can be satisfied from filesystem data and metadata that is in the RAM cache. For data, that will depend on the normal working set of tiles. I assume metadata will depend on how many new hits as against how many revalidations you get.

There was similar question asked lately, have you look at it?: