Server-Generated SVG Map

Apologies in advance. I am extremely new to the world of OpenSource and GIS and what is and is not possible. Hopefully I am asking this question in the right place. Although this is an OpenStreetMap forum, I am not even certain that OSM is the best solution for me, although it does appear that Osmarender might be what I need. Feel free to set me straight.

I am using PHP and SVG, and I have an array containing placenames, lats, and lons. What I am looking for is a webservice that I can envoke to parse that array and return to me a map of specified dimensions with all placenames plotted and fit to a bounding box in SVG format.

Can OpenStreetMap and Osmarender do this for me? Or probably more appropriately, is there a better solution for me? I am looking for the simplest solution. Is OSM overkill? There appears to be so much it can do that I don’t need.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Lance Manion

Osmarender can convet openstreetmap cmls files to an SVG file that will draw names at the locations that they occur on in the SVG file. So you need to do this:

Convert the names to osm xml format e.g.

<node id=-1 lat="59.2" lon="12.4">
<tag k="name" v="drug hideout east">

Then use Osmarender to render it, you can try Osmarender stylesheet editor