Server for opencyclemap-like service in Israel

I have been in contact with the owner of an Israeli commercial site that is central to the mountain-biking community in Israel.
He is willing to consider hosting a server that would render MTB-related data from OSM.
The idea is to have a map that would look much like opencyclemap but would:

  1. Cover only Israel and therefore:
    a) Would be faster
    b) Would be frequently updated

  2. Would solve persistent bugs in the opencyclemap that were not addressed despite repeated requests:
    a) Render areas below sea-level correctly
    b) Display Hebrew names correctly top to bottom
    c) Show city names instead of suburb names in longer zoom levels
    d) indicate landuse better

  3. Would address particular Israeli-MTB features
    a) Show KKL and “Simun Shvilim” trail colors
    b) Indicate technical difficulty

He would like to know, other than providing a dedicated server with good bandwidth, what would he be required to provide.
Will he need a dedicated programmer, a freelance programmer for a one-time job, or would the community take care of the renderer for free.
Could we reuse the code from the opencyclemap server, or should we reinvent the wheel?

If you’re interested in this idea, please indicate so here.

The idea is great, it can be an opportunity for a serious boost for OSM!

AFAIK, opencyclemap stylesheets are not publicly available. But there is for instance, whose setup (including the stylesheets) is described here: I would guess that solving bugs you mentioned, is not straightforward. It is most certainly a job for an experienced programmer who also understands all the technologies involved.

The setup of the rendering process may be a one-time job, but then it will have to somehow be maintained over time (in particular making changes to the stylesheets).

It also depends on how the commercial site is planning to make use of such a map. They might want to have additional application/services utilizing the OSM data (for example: a route planner, a “cycling book” similar to, a Garmin map etc.). In that case they would have to have an “OSM developer” anyway.