Serbia boundary open data set

Hi all,
Serbia got open data set of administrative boundaries. With help from Guillaume, we produced .osm file of our boundaries that can be found here. You guys also have similar .osm file as per this thread and it is here. I wanted to see what can we together leverage from these data sets. It turns out (if you load these two in JOSM), that our boundaries are 99.9% perfectly aligned. Since both you and us want to use this data set to “fix” boundaries, it means we will have no problem to adjust them.

  1. If you are OK with that, I would like to proceed and to fix boundaries between our countries, as per these two dataset and using UtilsPlugin2, as described here (Serbian lang). All commits will have “RGZ_Import” as source. This will also help you with your import as (at least part of) border will be aligned.

  2. We do have one difference, around Kopaonik area (Pančićev vrh). Kosovo dataset claims some more land (~3.5 km2). OSM and Serbia dataset do agree. Here is .osm that has only dispute, if you not into loading everything. Upper way is what Kosovo claim, lower way is what Serbian claim. I really don’t know what is ground truth, but I have been on these skiing chair lifts (“Pancicev vrh” and “Duboka”) and I can go and take a look, if needed. I see some hiking tracks, so I can also wait for spring, it might be easier than to go with ski booths:D What do you guys think on this dispute?

BTW, I am trying to keep “official” information of work being done here, so feel free to contribute there too.

Just to update: we discussed this on Telegram channel and AFAIK no one disagrees. I will fix borders using following three datasets:

For borders we agree - I will conflate them (detaching any node I find there, like border police…) and leaving them on the same place
For border that we disagree slightly - I will conflate them in between what our government data says.
For border on Kopaonik, I will not touch it.

I will keep source as “RGZ_Import”.

Will update once I am done.

Update: done:)

  • All borders conflated
  • Borders with discrapencies solved by putting boundary in between
  • Kopaonik fixed with two borders, both with “claimed_administrative” part