Send-Message prority option - like "chat" / like "mail"

It would be nice, if one before sending could mark a message
if it would expect to be read immediately :bangbang: or “later” :email:

Es wäre nett, wenn man vor dem Senden bei einer Nachricht markieren könnte,
ob sie sofort oder irgendwann gelesen werden möchte.

You can bookmark topics or messages or you can mark a topic as “unread” with the defer option at the bottom.

Would that solve your need?

O sorry, I specified it more clearly: The sender should be able to mark, if it expects a chat like quick response or just as a mail some times later.
If this forum has/had a smartphone-app, the app may make a direct noice/flash or just show the red counter bubble.

Why should a sender be be able to demand an immediate response like that? It’s not like it would work even if they did as there would be no way to enforce it.

Can you point to any other forum which works like that?

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I did not take the term “Forum” that exact. I assumed it also should replace other commercial OSM communication like Telegram and Twitter. So next to the Forum/E-Mail dynamic, I expected a Messenger dynamic and requested according features. If not, ok, dropp it. If yes, keep it.

No, this is not the goal of this forum. This is not an instant messenger.

And even with instant messengers you can’t make requests like that. We are all volunteers and can decide on our own which messages we want reply to and when.

No I don’t think anybody is planning that because it’s not really possible to merge real time and non-real time communications.

Merging the various real-time channels into one might make sense but that would be a separate project and even harder than this project I suspect!

No, my “request like that” was to separate between instant and non-real-time. But that’s not relevant in this case.
Even with eMail I could send as normal, high or low. My mail receiver will alert me only on “high”. But this forum isn’t eMail-alike either? So my request is obsolete.