Semi-permanent food truck feature types


Where I live in Texas, USA there are many “food trucks” that are mobile street food vendors. Some of them are stationed permanently or semi-permanently.
What would be an appropriate feature type for this type of vendor?

Restaurant? Fast food? Food court?

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Done a few (semi) permanent with fixed days/hours they’re in a spot and tagged them with amenity=fast_food + cuisine=* since they have their specialties.

Takeaway=* some only, some put a few seats and a table out. My favorite one serves cold beer from the bottle too. :O))

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Based on experience from Poland:

Vast majority if not all are amenity=fast_food

Ones that are having no constant location are not mappable (though if place have various rotating food trucks it can be mappable, not sure how).

Ones that are reappearing at specific location and are fully gone otherwise: street_vendor=yes extra tag can be helpful. See say Node: ‪Kiełbaski z niebieskiej Nyski‬ (‪2910306864‬) | OpenStreetMap

Ones that are permanently places, especially if they git some extra roof/shield around truck can be have something mappable as building=


Hi, I have a feeling that there have been other threads on this topic. When I find them I’ll post links here.


That seems fairly logical to me. I’ll give it a shot.

Was just surprised there was not specific tag for it, when there are ultra specific tags like “Exercise Monkey Bars” and “Exercise Rings”

Fortunately in this case approach seems to have use general top level tag amenity=fast_food and cuisine= street_vendor=yes and other detailed tags.

Rather than thousands of top level tags (amenity=fast_food cuisine=georgian street_vendor=yes rather then amenity=georgian_cuisine_fast_food_street_vendor).